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12-15-2010, 11:40 AM
Originally Posted by The.Grand.Nagus View Post
So, I'm still working on the KDF version of "Diplomatic Delivery" where you fight an Undine spy. The problem is all Undine NPCs come with a mission level requirement of 45. Now, I could use some other type of NPC and just put an Undine costume on it, but the attacks wouldnt be right. And the same problem goes for the ship. If I put an Undine costume on a Fed ship, for example, it will be firing Fed weapons. Considering this is such a low level Fed mission, I kind of hate making it a level 45 requirement. What do you guys think?
I discovered this the first day I logged on to the Foundry closed beta. Much to my horror my five part mission series was dead in the water by the fact that they intended to limit the Udine to lvl 45.

To make matter worse I quickly discovered that I could not have Klingons fight Klingons or other KDF friendly species for that matter (I'm guessing this hasn't been changed as they seemed suggest it wasn't an easy fix). So I was stuck putting costumes on enemy factions in hopes of it working... it is an unfortunate stop gap and one I don't see getting changed.