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12-15-2010, 03:31 PM
One last small update to these missions before I start working on my next set of tasks..

I've updated the loot tables on all the freighters so that they drop resorces from every crafting tier. They also have a small chance to drop rare particles or stem bolts

All of the crates or scanable anomolies will still only give out loot at player level, however the missions with frieghters in them ( ther are 3 of these missions) will randomly hand out stuff from all of the craftimg tiers.

Also I mentioned earlier that I made the frieghters a little easier to disable, but I don't think many people had figured out "trick" to these yet. So....

Spoiler Alert!!!!

The frieghters have a default timer that starts the moment you disable them. Once this timer is exceeded and they have not been looted they will resume thier course and try to leave the system. However they also have to healed themsleves above the "disabled threshold" as well in order to get back underway. That threshold was 35%.. it's now 50%.

This means that if you just barely drop them below the 50% mark... then they will heal themselves and start moving again sooner. If you drop them down to say 10%, they have to heal all the way back up to 50 as well as meet the short timer.

So you have a choice here.... take the risk of blowing them up (giving you more time) or just keep them slightly under the 50% mark... this has always been in place for these guys but at the old setting (35%) it was hard to notice.

Anyhow... keep an eye on the patch notes, the changes should be out to you within a week or two.