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12-15-2010, 05:20 PM
Originally Posted by captnwan View Post
No doubt.

Lets take a tally of the things the KDF are lacking.

More uniform and casual options...Check. We can all agree it is seriously lacking here.

More ship types and customization...Check. While the new ship types helped, this is one area in need of equality.

Klingon version of Diplomacy...Check. This is a no brainer. If the feds have side branch of advancement the KDF should as well.

And finally. PVE mission equality.....???? With the foundry on our doorsteps, this is a major issue? The feds have about 30 more PVE missions then the KDF. Thats it. Its not like the feds have a massive overwhelming number of missions that they can pick and choose. The feds still have to grind a few levels in the clusters or DSE's. Even they don't have enough missions to play them souly from start to VA.

And when you compare missions, it gets even better. While the KDF has fewer, its nearly universally agreed they are much more entertaining and well done then even some of the best of the fed missions. And lets be fair, a large number of fed mission are garbage. Hunting the hunters anyone? The long night? the one with Rikers clone?

So the feds have more PVE missions. A hand full more if we only count the quality ones. And we have the foundry knocking on the door. With more missions on test right now then all the Fed and KDF missions put together. And the sticking point that has the OP blue in the face is PVE mission parody? Please

The KDF still needs some work. Ships, clothing, and customization options being the biggies. PVE mission equality is one thing that going to be solved very soon for everyone Klink and fed. Its the smallest thing to be upset about.
I'm sorry, but I think you have the wrong strategy. First of all, the Foundry isnt a replacement for official content. But even if it was, belittling the issue isnt contstructive. That said, neither is continuing to complain about that is in the process of being fixed. People simply need to realize that while there is a content disparity, the Devs are working on it. Good progress has been made, and will continue to be made. Thats really all there is to it.