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12-15-2010, 07:02 PM
Yes we Desperately need multiple factions possible... I could use maybe a red, blue & a neutral that was able to be changed in the mission... as ships change factions for many reasons and we need the variety. It's getting old going down to individual actors for everything & it's very time consuming. I'm getting the hang of it now...

How about a custom palette we can load up with common items for each project... it's such a drag to constantly scroll through or type into a search when I could Pre-Load my palette with the common items I need...

In old Star Trek Armada we had eight factions possible with various alliance settings... it was very easy to get any combination you wanted that way... It would be Foolish to Not have a setup like this for adding other factions down the road.

Thus I find the Lack of any such kind of option to be immature and short-sighted... which could be a good description of the Previous Dev management style. What happened to ALL vs. ALL Bloodsport..? That's why PVP is boring... it can only be red or blue or nothing... that is totally lame and un-acceptable for any long-term development. Just think how much more fun it would be.

Many Trek Stories have used changing alliances to move the plot from A-B and we need the same.