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12-16-2010, 03:46 AM
Originally Posted by DoggyDude
So, this is the first time I've had a really serious "issue" with something, something thats more important to me that mearly preference or feeling. So, I thought, there must be a way to contact Cryptic about these kinds of things.

There is no (obvious?) ways to contact anyone offical about gameplay or item issues (except the pot luck of posting to forums where Cryptic choose to answer only those questions which profit them immidiately).

Getting any kind of "proper" repsonse and path of resolution is just impossible! Unless the entire community is in uproar.

So, as a Customer of the game, I feel completely uncared about and totally ignored.


The short version of my issue is that my main character has not received the unique mission reward [Ophidian Cane] for completing the Devidian series (e.g. Completing Night of the Comet) but I DID complete the series at the time.

My main character qualified for this reward and should have received it. Serial completed all the quests during the mission arc but did not turn in the mission result until recently not receiving the reward.

There was not a clear announcement that this mission reward would be being withdrawn (like there was with the Breen Bridge Officer) and secondly (unlike the Breen Bridge Officer) it cannot be obtained any other way! Thirdly the mission had two possible endings, a correct ending and a nearly correct one (if
not for this I would have the reward as I dropped the request after completion because I didnít want a quest completed imperfectly).

All I want, to resolve this and make me a happy customer again is a way to get the staff ([Ophidian Cane]) I should have received, or unbind it so at least I could buy it from someone. I want to keep enjoying the game and missing this reward when I should have received it is destroying the enjoyment.

I donít mind that there are unique items, I just mind when I should have it and I didnít receive it.

Please come up with a resolution for this.

This is the first time I have a complaint with the way the games gone that is so important to me it effects the future of the game for me (I donít complain much, but when I do, its important to me).
Dude, trust me the Cane STINKS. If I could I would give you one of the thirteen I have, especially the ones my Klingons have. Stupid thing only works with that transphasic barrier thinggy, so it consumes two of your toons four device slots. It summons Starfleet personel, even to your Klingon so then you are fighting a two front battle. And you do not want to use it vs the Breen as I recall they use polaron weapons and that dumb walking stick makes you 400% more susceptible to polaron damage. Freaking stupid stick. Had I known that it was the special and not the phaser or disruptor I would not have made it a priority to finish the Devidian missions. DUMB staff of dumbness. Sorry Cryptic just calling it as I see it. Devidian missions=great, season three=great. Walking stick of Kalima=carp!