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12-16-2010, 03:52 AM
From a buyers perspective, all the UI might need is a "137 available at this price" notice added to the item in the exchange listing, and then a "How many would you like to buy" popup after the buyer decides to purchase. I believe the popup for buying stacks of Commodoties could be reused for the exchange with just minor tweaking.

From a seller's perspective, we'd need a check box on the page where you post your item for sale, something like "Allow buying parts of the stack"* and then change the "Price" field to a "Price each" value if the check box is clicked.

*Get a UI guy to fix the text. I'm a software engineer not a UI designer.

Originally Posted by DoggyDude
A stack on the exchange is a "deal" its not intended to be "I have 10 of these for 1000 ec each".

Just come up with more attractive deals for your customers.

I've never wanted to just buy one data sample. I've also never had an issue with holding surplus.
I realize how it currently works. I'm proposing an enhancement.

The exchange isn't a store where you get to stand there and make a sales pitch. People search for the item, and then see a list of what's for sale with the cheapest item on top. Almost no one will scroll through to realize that on page 17, they can buy 100 of the item for the cost of 50. Generally searching through those listings is a waste of time. This is a game about flying starships not the stock market, no one wants to have to search through the exchange.

If a player needs two DNA samples, and I've got 137 DNA Samples in my inventory, they won't want to buy my stack of 137. They just want two. I'd rather be able to sell multiple items as a "per Item" basis. You may like buying extras DoggyDude, but at anywhere from 4k to 20k each (which is what I've seen prices on non-rare data samples run), most people don't want to buy more than they need.