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12-16-2010, 03:52 AM
Originally Posted by piwright42 View Post
Dude, trust me the Cane STINKS. If I could I would give you one of the thirteen I have, especially the ones my Klingons have. Stupid thing only works with that transphasic barrier thinggy, so it consumes two of your toons four device slots. It summons Starfleet personel, even to your Klingon so then you are fighting a two front battle. And you do not want to use it vs the Breen as I recall they use polaron weapons and that dumb walking stick makes you 400% more susceptible to polaron damage. Freaking stupid stick. Had I known that it was the special and not the phaser or disruptor I would not have made it a priority to finish the Devidian missions. DUMB staff of dumbness. Sorry Cryptic just calling it as I see it. Devidian missions=great, season three=great. Walking stick of Kalima=carp!
lol.. thanks .

I would like to make the baddies float though .

I too wish you could give me a Cane, I seem to go for dumb but fun items hehe.

Thanks your response was informative and ammusing (and I guess a little comforting)