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12-16-2010, 04:58 AM
To the OP:

You knew that the reward was a limited deal. Now Cryptic may not have posted the exact date on the launcher, nor did they come to your house and tack a notice up on your front door with the exact date, but you knew that it was a limited time offer.

That means that it's on you to make sure that you meet the requirements to receive these time limited rewards. It's not Cryptic's fault that for some odd reason you completed the mission but decided not to take that extra step and simply push the button to receive your reward, it's your fault.

And Cryptic does make this information available, right here on this forum. It's the reason that we all knew that this deal would expire on December 9th, when Season 3 went live. If you didn't know that then that's your fault.

By the way, while in game there is an option to summon a GM and ask him for assistance. I have no idea if they'll help you or not, but you'll never know unless you use that option and find out.