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12-16-2010, 04:12 AM
Originally Posted by DoggyDude
lol.. thanks .

I would like to make the baddies float though .

I too wish you could give me a Cane, I seem to go for dumb but fun items hehe.

Thanks your response was informative and ammusing (and I guess a little comforting)
Actually the summoning of the Starfleet officer was funny. I had the stick by it's self on my toon and was trying to figure out why I could not use it. Just so happened they were talking about it in TSS or TenForward chat and someone speculated about the metaphasic barrier thing.

Being far from the saltiest peanut in the turd I slotted the barrier right on the spot. I was on the Cold Comfort Deferi mission so thank goodness I was safe from polaron weapons. Anywho the stick did not light up. Hmm... I activated the barrier and lo the stick did light up.

So I go to click on the stick but I am taking fire all of a sudden. That was when I realized it was not just me and the Deferi anymore, as a ghostly Starfleet science officer lowered a phaser on me and fired yet again. never did fire that stick up. Fortuitous for Klingons; diplomacy, even in times of mercy, is the furthest thing from our minds.