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12-16-2010, 07:32 AM
Originally Posted by apt.pupil
there are certain XML tags that are available for that use. the 2 that i know of are [Rank] and [LastName].
Nitpick -those aren't XML tags. XML tags are with angular brackets, e.g. < > .

i haven't found anything else so far
Check out the official walkthrough. It contains a list of all the options:

Originally Posted by walkthrough
  1. [NickName] : Prints the character's nickname.
  2. [LastName] : Prints the formal last name of the character.
  3. [FirstName] : Prints the formal first name of the character.
  4. [Rank] : Prints the player's current Starfleet or Klingon Rank. (Vice Admiral)
  5. [ShipName] : Prints the informal name of the player's ship. (Enterprise)
  6. [ShipFullName] : Prints the formal name of the player's ship. (U.S.S. Enterprise)
  7. [ShipRegistry] : Prints the full registry number of the player's ship (N.C.C. 1701)
  8. [ShipType] : Prints the type of the player's ship. (Galaxy Class Cruiser)