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12-16-2010, 07:31 AM
Originally Posted by Rikx View Post
The feds you fought probably were just auto targeting too and were probably not very organized. If they don't do teamwork and use the anti-carrier skills then they will lose always period. Just because playing with a certain weapon is easy does not make it invisible. For example in Modern Warfare 2 the dual wield g18 spam was very easy to use and got you lots of kills. But if you used a shotgun or a sniper you killed the guy using it just as easily. So there is always a counter; you just need to you use it properly and effectively.

I'm simply restating what Stormshade said in a post about PVP, so there wont be any pvp changes made any time soon since even they say you just need good teamwork and to use the proper skills.
Agreed but as a fed tac escort captain I am very efficient at killing other ships I did a 1v1 vs a fleety who's set up to tank and does an incredible job at it and she was shocked at how quickly I could get on and do hull damage.

However, during my encounter against 3 carriers and using teamwork focusing fire on one carrier we barely dented her before we were all wiped by the other Klingon ships. I've noticed how good BoP captains are getting staying in the mix of fighters and BoPs deployed so they are harder to be targeted. However, a carrier should not be both top healer and damage IMHO one or the other is fine but not both. Granted I was only 2nd in each topped in damage by the third carrier in our group and healing to a fed science vessel but only by 1k and 2k respectively.

I know group effort is key and builds are second to success. I've been on plenty of winning and losing sides and I can't stand a team that lacks organization or players who refuse to join a group to stay organized. Maybe that was the case in my encounter with these Feds but on the flip side as a fed not being able to drop the shields on a carrier 1v1 was equally frustrating cause that is my strong point with my build.

I'm not butthurt that the carrier build was that good I give him or her props but if I went up against 3 carriers built like mine I can see how impossible it would be to bring one down. Even without teamwork as a Klingon just pew pews on anything and everything which usually gets you dead we won 15 to 1 and I was only in on 11 of the kills. That just feels wrong to me.