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12-16-2010, 08:45 AM
Originally Posted by Jim-San
As I've said before my main problem with Carriers is the lag I get when the Swarm of fighters/mines/random crap makes it way towards me from a group of Carriers, but other then that I'm fine with Carriers, but REALLY don't want Fed Carriers, the lag will put me off PvP, main reason why I prefer FvF matches is due to less lag.
Agreed! As a sci captain in a carrier with only mines and boarding party it get rediculas what I put out that is targetable. In my escort FvF I was cutting apart cruisers even to the point they said I was cheating somehow. I even took out a cruiser that had an escort come to the aid and nomaly I would switch targets emediatly when that happens but I was really laying it down on this cruiser so I finished him off the turned on the escort and took him out in seconds. I did however struggle against a sci captain in an escort actually loosing 3 of 3 1v1 encounters with her.

I understand there are circumstances that happen that aren't in every encounter even that no battle is the same and I agree that I do not want federation carriers as the counter to Klingon carriers or even at all. In a battle 5v5 with one carrier teamwork on the fed side can win no problem but vs 3 we just couldn't make anything happen. And neither could the Feds we fought yesterday.