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12-16-2010, 12:45 PM
Originally Posted by MustrumRidcully View Post
Read the EULA. I am not sure 100 % sure, but it's always... dangerous to use material that is potentially copyrighted. That said - unless you actually copy text verbatim from another source, it's unlikely this would count.

The main restriction regarding this is that you can't create likenesses of existing characters (since the actors that played them have rights on that probably.).

I would see it this way:

There is "real" canon - e.g. everything that was on TV or on the big screen. You better not violate this, or the canon nazis will give you negative reviews. But, you better not create any of those likenesses either, because then you're not just getting a bad review, you might get reported for violating the rules.

Then there is soft canon that you can find in countless of licensed books. Using this might be okay or not, and some reviewers might love you using that, others might accuse of plagarism or just didn't like the source and so don't lke yours.

Then there is "game" canon. All the stuff that is presented in this game. There is nothing that wouldn't allow you to violate this, but I am sure it would hurt your reviews.

And finally, there is "game soft canon" created by all of the UGC authors. Just like the soft canon from licensed material, it can easily be internally inconsistent. Moving from UGC mission to UGC mission, you never know whether they are consistent or not.
Looks like I would be safe then. No likenesses at all and it is only a reference to the Typhon Pact as a plot motivator.