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12-16-2010, 03:01 PM
I'm gonna start at the beginning and add any replys to previous posters in edits.

first off:
the mission was bugged from the day it was released on tribble, and has never been fully fixed

The Boss battle is the biggest headache.
It seems to be designed for th sequence:
kill fake sulu's,
Keep real sulu placated by repeatedly"talking" to him
Kill commander
Survive massive Zergfest (not sure this is even possible if you don't have two engineers to rotate force field dome)

However, if you kill the commander first, and "Real" sulu dies afterwards, the boss room did not reset properly. (all NPC's in the room are invulnerable until the door is sealed. This failure condition would prevent that "invulnerability" from being lifted, EVER

Season 2 introduced a new game-breaker: if you failed protecting the engineers, you would get a double spawn of both Disguised NPC's and "Real" engineers, making it even more difficult to target the correct engineer with the telepathic inhibiter.

Post season 2, a Half-assed fix was intriduced where any failure conn would force you to beam out. Very bad... Before, if you failed once, you would get a lighter spawn of Undine. Additionally, this fix means that if you fail on the boss fight, you are forced to beam out and restart from "Trial of Janus"

First off, the underlying condition of the existing bugs needs to be addressed. secondly, a 4th start point needs to be added, for the "Where's Sulu" portion of the mission.