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12-16-2010, 09:56 PM
Originally Posted by FizixMan View Post
Your avatar picture is suprisingly appropriate for this thread revival (*cough*)

(also, "Your Dead Jim"?)

And just to contribute something, certainly a "nice to have", but there's possibly a lot of work involved for little gain. How much would we show? Ship equipment, character equipment, bridge officer equipment, bridge officer assignments/powers?
Yea it was too late to fix the 'Your' to 'You're', and now I'm just much tied up to fix it lol. Plus you're right about the revival of Kirk, I think with the next 'nexus' coming up, STO should look into reviving Kirk

Also with examining player equip, I understand it might be a project that may take awhile to work on, I just point it out that many mmos have this feature and (when much of the substance of season 4 is done with) adding this would be a great thing for both space and ground.