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12-17-2010, 03:52 AM
Originally Posted by Askray View Post
Actually dstahl posted quite a few times that the cane would be going bye bye with the launch of Season 3.
Funny, I'm on the forum most days and I don't recall having seen anything from dstahl or any of the other guys giving the date when the special reward for the Devedian series would expire. They made it very clear with the Deferi special that it would go when the next episode series came out (i.e. the Devedian series) but I've not seen anything this time round.

I've not completed the Devedian series on any of my chars yet, as I've been busy PvPing and thought I had plenty of time to do them before the special expired. So it looks like I've missed out too, am I upset? Mildly but I have had plenty of opportunity to complete those missions and not having the reward isn't the end of the world, guess I'll just have to wait for a re-run weekend.