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12-17-2010, 09:07 AM
Originally Posted by garravesh View Post
It is not fun loosing over and over for no fault of your own.....that sounds a little self righteous but it is the truth. I went into PVP last night with 3 cruisers. I was in my sci vessel. They all folded like a house of cards within 15 seconds of each other......
I mostly agree with that. Poor teams should lose, teamwork should be rewarded... but there's "rewarded" and then there's "repeated 15-0 walkovers". It would be in everybody's best interests for KvF to encourage new blood...

Originally Posted by garravesh View Post
Running a sci vessel at 125 aux at all time with the remaining power at shields I have NEVER seen a vessel cloaked at more then 2 k or so.. I am sure i have never seen one past 10k...

We ran tests in 1v1 pvp ( me and a friend) I maxed on aux and sensor scan yadda yadda and he cloaked at exactly 13k and then 10 k and then 7 k I never saw him once. There has to be other contributing factors.
Cloak detection is mostly a stupid idea anyway, the best teams that I have played never used scanning etc - they just killed us when we uncloaked.

- I always try to stay >10k from the nearest Federation player. When it's time to attack I will close directly on the target, uncloak, debuff and open fire. The amount of time I spend in a detectable zone should be as close to zero as I can get... that people rarely uncloak anyone is not a shock.

- If you uncloak someone within 10k, they're within weapons range - in all likelihood they are about to fire, so I'm not really sure what uncloaking them accomplishes?

- as Roach (I think) said, supposedly cloaking strength is based on your AUX, running with higher AUX is supposed to be harder to detect.

Some random ideas:
- give a warning if a cloaked enemy approaches within a certain distance of your ship and you are not in combat.
- give a warning when you are targeted by a cloaked enemy ship and you are not in combat.
- if 3 or more ships are 'close' then they can spot any cloaked vessel within 10k of them.
- if 3 or more ships stay in the same region, they gain a 'uncloaking field' that will uncloak anyone straying into it.

NONE of that seems useful for/against a good team, but it might help newer players? (at least give them confidence even if they don't really understand what that confidence means?)

[ok the second one might be useful under some situations]