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Exactly. Plus you're not really just supposed to farm all at one time. The real goal is to farm as your leveling. Every mission you enter has 2-8 anomalies in it. Get them as you're going along doing the mission. Then it doesn't seem like farming at all. It simply seems like part of the mission. If all your Fleet-mates do that the crafter will have tons of anomalies to make things with.
Cosmic, I have already leveled in rank as high as I can go, I believe and I have farmed each and every mission while reaching Vice Admiral. But now that I have reached it, I desire to be of great use to my fleet mates. I am sure you can understand this.

Unfortunately many of my fleet mates are really into daily missions and PVP, which does not leave us as a fleet with a crafter who can make any level component for any character or alt char that they have. So I took on that roll myself trying to be of use, and because in the many games I have played and beta tested I love making things of great value and giving them to my friends and fleet-mates.

As a beta tester of many MMO type games I have seen many bugs, broken areas and also miss-adjusted crafting systems. I in this forum am simply trying to point out that the time required to find these rare trace particles is not keeping up with the other ways of gaining similar objects. . .

I have no intent on complaining so I am sorry if it sounded that way to you. I meant no offense.
But it does seem to me that STO is beginning some kind of professions system. . . So I was simply trying to explain how they could improve. . . I would not enjoy crafting as much if I can't at the end of one night be able to make at least one thing for someone. . .

That is just my opinion, but it doesn't seem very balanced to me. That is I guess what all this boils down to.
So thank you for your opinion and your words of insight.

Thanks again for your reply