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Originally Posted by Nightops25 View Post
If they want items, let them provide components. It is enough that the crafter spent the time to build up the skill, and can make Captain/Admiral level items for fleet mates, you shouldn't be expected to provide all the raw materials too. As others have pointed out, the rare traces are no longer bound, including ones collected prior to season 3. When the rare particles were put in game, it was said that they wanted to incorporate them into crafting, so people should have been saving them.

I just wish the distribution of rare particles was higher, or at least more even among all the particles. Between all my characters that I had collecting, all of them had high amounts of the same traces, and low amounts of the same ones. Granted 3 characters is a small sample set, but it is an interesting trend that prices on the Exchange seem to mirror.
I agree with you about letting the fleet mates provide their own components, especially now that the rare particle traces are not bound. . . And I wanted to tell you that my fleet mates do not expect me to come up with all the particles, but I was hoping I could do it as a gift for them. . . So my fault there for thinking I could keep up with that sort of demand. . . Ha ha.

I also totally agree with the distribution of the rare particles. . . But it would seem that "Cosmic_One" and "Vario" have had a lot better hunting than we have. Perhaps you should check out where they are farming the rares as I for sure am.

Hey buddy thanks for your helpful and useful reply!