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I believe he's complaining that something that's supposed to take time takes SO MUCH time. I'd have to agree with him on that point. I crafted a few purples the other day then ran out of a particular type of rare particle trace (I needed 3 each for the next section of crafting) so I went to Delta Volanis and farmed for a couple hours, got a couple rare particle traces, but none of the kind that I need. Did it again yesterday in B'Tran for several hours and got a nice handful of rare particle traces but NONE of the particular kind I needed. I mean, I'm all for the "You're getting something powerful for free so it'll take time" mentality but really? Probably 6 hours or so of scanning anomalies and doing the same missions over and over just to collect anomalies and I never got 1 of the type I was looking for.

Side note: This is an alternative to grinding emblems to get purple mk XI gear, I wonder what the time difference looks like between doing dailys and earning enough emblems vs farming. I only ever did the exploration dailys (which can get a bit dull and monotonous) because I'm not much for pvp and some of the fleet actions are bleh at best (I cite big dig and exhibit A).
Thank you for seeing into the heart of what I was trying to say and apparently doing so badly on. I have had the same experience that you are describing and multiple times. But I have read farther in this thread and found that "Cosmic_One" and "Vario" have had much better luck than we have. So perhaps STO has already answered our problem. . . Too Good to be true? Well maybe, but I am going out to try my luck again anyway.

I love to craft and make people happy, And I am sure that you do as well.
So Good Luck my friend and happy hunting!