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Originally Posted by Cosmic_One View Post
1: Tactical VA in a Fleet Escort.

2: No. I don't believe there is any skill that helps with that. In B'tran Sector space they're very easy to find. If I'm in a mission I simply hit the V key to scan for them. Most space missions will have 3-4 anomalies. Ground missions will have 2 in space getting to the planet and 1-3 on the ground you can find. Playing the mini-game will give you anywhere from 3-5 drops per anomaly: only 1 if you blow the min-game, though. So in most missions you're getting 10-20 drops - and always a chance to get the rares with each attempt.

3: I'm just using the standard SF issue.

4: Fleet Escort because it turns quickly.

The Aegis set is a new MK X craftable set coming out in a week or two. You can see what it does, and see some pics of it in action, in THIS thread.
Hey Cosmic, I really appreciate the info and the low down on that Aegis set looks very cool, especially on a small maneuverable ship like yours. Thanks again friend!