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# 1 Captain's chair function.
12-17-2010, 12:38 PM
After using the new feature of being able to click to sit down on the captains chair on the interior view of the bridge I did notice that the character just sits there now you may not of thought of this next part what could be a cool idea.Now there some of us who like to role play sometimes here in the sto community and i think that instead of having on the drop down menu the emote for sitting (capt chair) etc as it looks funny if you now try this on your current captains chair on the bridge.If you was able to take those 3 emotes and add it to the bridge captains chair thus freeing up 3 spaces were you could maybe in the future add something else on the c-store anyway this is my idea as it would make good sence and also look rearly cooler when your sittiing in your captains chair and being able to do one of the 3 emotes without having to get out of your chair.any ideas on this?