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12-17-2010, 11:58 AM
ive said this to my friend one, but you can also advance your script mystery through the bridge and captain.

cryptic missed a good opportunity to do this with their recent presever missions, i mean come on, the preservers are a very interesting topic in st, not much is known about them, there is a lot to speculate on the information provided, alot of worthy subject material to engage the player in an immersive semi interactive discussion.

but instead they chose to have one bridge officer relay to you every thing they found out during the mission about the preservers, and this was boring, i find myself clicking continue continue when dialogue is long motonoous and boring, im like get on with the next mob, but some of the foundry missions have me reading dialogue again because its being presented differently.

If the only achievement of presenting dialogue different is to get more players to read it and understand it and know whats going on then that is still important. No one wants to be lectured to by your all knowing BO's.