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12-17-2010, 01:02 PM
Originally Posted by Grimm11
I've been testing missions over the past week - excellent work for the most part. The hard work really shows on many of these great missions!

I wanted to bring up a topic for discussion. I noticed when testing missions that many creators use the response box to fill in a detailed reply from the player's captain, often simulating both sides a conversation with the contact or bridge officer. I have found this to be problematic.

Thoughts? Comments?
Yes. I also use the response button to simulate your character's dialogue. I saw that was how Cryptic uses it - especially in Night of the Comet as an example with the response buttons for Cassidy's drink e.g. "I am glad you enjoyed every last drop" etc.

So when I was building my mission the thought did cross my mind - should I make all the responses generic? What would other players think about the kind of responses I am putting on these buttons?

So I tried to keep them as generic as possible. I still can't stand using just "Continue" though. Mostly I stick with one word responses most of the time, e.g. "Understood" "Acknowledged" "Energize" "Proceed".

But some times I just couldn't resist putting something a little more forceful in there. Like "Let's go!" or "Let's move". One time though, just before a big battleship arrives I think I put "Bring it!" as the response. That obviously wouldn't work for a Vulcan lol