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12-17-2010, 02:18 PM
Personally, I'd rather see Cryptic work with one of the real time translation products, like VoxOx, about developing a library for MMOs. The translations aren't perfect, but pretty darn good.

If they could get such a thing figured out, it would instantly translate STO (and CO, for that matter) into 50 some languages (but no Klingon yet). And it would have added benefits. Since the translation is real-time, you could read what a French person is writing in English, while the German player can read it in German, and the French can read everything in French. It'll also mean the language specific foundry missions, which would stand a very slim chance of being translated (and then only maybe if they were the Cryptic mission of the week or something) would be available for all.

The ability to add one of those real time translators to an MMO just has some awesome potential.