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12-17-2010, 01:34 PM
Originally Posted by Sprint01
Well ok get your character use the sit in chair function then from the emote drop down menu click the one that says Sit (captain) and prey tell the rest of us what happens and no puntuation if you dont like it dont read it im sorry I wasnt good at writting at school so no.Oh btw ive found a bug ingame that ive reported many times months ago shall I put it on youtube for all to see its rendered and ready to upload? That way the devs can see the problem?

Ok what im going to do is video what I was meaning that way you can see the problem unless noones seen it yet that is.

no troll sorry I will be sending the yt link in a mail to cryptic that way they alone can see it for the bugged mission that is that way they can see what happens ingame and get a better insight its all as well putting a ticket in saying this doesnt work but seeing it at game level would be an asset dont you think.