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12-17-2010, 04:06 PM
I should point out these guys are your allies.

You can't farm them for anything.

Ironically, I keep getting messages that say things like:

"Placing this enemy will limit your map to players of level 43 or higher"

Usually I see this when I place an 8472 or a Borg.

And I realized Cryptic must have this level of control somewhere.

I remember the Hirogen Bridge crew in Trapped.

There's a Tactical, an Engineer, a Navigator and a couple of others.
They're always in the same places each time, so strict defining must be possible.

And regarding enemy mobs:

1. You can create easy kill mobs by just saying all ensigns.
Class is irrevalent.

2. What if you wanted to give the boss (captain or most deadly npc) a unique skin, to make him stand out?
Then it shifts which npc he is, meaning some lowbie is now wearing the skin the boss was intended to.