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12-17-2010, 06:23 PM
I don't really see how my parser can be doing something wrong, because it just counts how many shots hit, and how many of those were criticals. To get the percentage you just divide the critical count by the total count.

Even if there is a volley, so there is more chance of a critical among the shots fired, because there are more shots fired and thus more non-critical hits, it shouldn't change the percentage much. Also, I don't see any evidence of higher critical percentage with more weapons equipped, so it can't have anything to do with that.

I understand that you'll never get exactly 4.5%, but you don't get anywhere near 4.5%, it's not even close. But the odd thing is without putting points in attack vectors you do get very close to 2.5%.

As for the reason it matters. I just want to know what the default critical rate will be for the average person in the game. I'm assuming most people will put points in attack vectors. I'm trying to understand how the system works. Granted, you're probably right for the average player it makes little difference.

Another thing is this can impact what gear you choose to equip. +CritH adds 2.5% critical percentage. Let's assume that it really is 2.5%, that means if you were really getting 4.5% criticals, you'd be going from 4.5 to 7% with that weapon, an increase of 55%. But if you're really going from 7.5 to 10%, it's only an increase of 33%, which means it might be more worthwhile going with the 40% critical damage bonus from CritD equipment instead.

Anyway, thanks for the replies.