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12-17-2010, 07:16 PM
Originally Posted by Varlo
It doesn't really matter what he touts if when he asks "So what's the verdict?!" he presses a big red button that makes a loud fart sound and then says gleefully "This is a bullish game that will most likely have a strong foothold on their fanbase for quite some time. If it's one thing Deep Sapce 9 has taught us it's that Trekkers will consume and defend anything Star Trek related, no matter how bad it may be."

Now if you guys can't see that he's blatantly calling STO "bad", as "bad" as he seems to feel Deep Space 9 is, but that we'll swallow it anyway because it's Star Trek, then I'm not going to argue with you. You go on living in blissful ignorance of what he's really saying, or up your sarcasm IQ and watch it again.
I watched the video and got the same exact thing out of it. I made the comment in another thread that it was very much like saying STO had a face that only a mother could love. Nothing really positive was said. He just outlined what is happening, never saying any of it was good. And in fact, suggested that the fans will support it no matter how bad it is.

I find it scary that people are swarming to this as something positive. But I guess when you've shelled out 300 dollars or need a paycheck you'll try to spin anything you can. But anyone who who watched that and isn't eyeballs deep in the kool-aid will fully see what the real message was.

I found it amazing that out of the 4 games released in 2010 that he reviewed, only Vidictus had anything nice said about it. He even left out the exec changes and incomplete nature of the game, where for FF XIV he pointed those issues out.