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12-18-2010, 05:54 AM
Originally Posted by Tilarta View Post
I should point out these guys are your allies.

You can't farm them for anything.

Ironically, I keep getting messages that say things like:

"Placing this enemy will limit your map to players of level 43 or higher"

Usually I see this when I place an 8472 or a Borg.

And I realized Cryptic must have this level of control somewhere.

I remember the Hirogen Bridge crew in Trapped.

There's a Tactical, an Engineer, a Navigator and a couple of others.
They're always in the same places each time, so strict defining must be possible.

And regarding enemy mobs:

1. You can create easy kill mobs by just saying all ensigns.
Class is irrevalent.

2. What if you wanted to give the boss (captain or most deadly npc) a unique skin, to make him stand out?
Then it shifts which npc he is, meaning some lowbie is now wearing the skin the boss was intended to.
as for the enemy boss, a simple solution is the following:

for ground bosses- deposit an enemy captain squadron, then replace the enemy captain costume with the ground costume you desire. Same thing goes for ship squadrons. battleship squadrons are the equivalent of ground captains. simply do costume swaps.