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12-18-2010, 09:59 AM
Originally Posted by Varlo
True enough lol but he is basically saying "it's rubbish, but Trekkers will play it anyway" isn't he? Honestly, Rekhan, I don't think this a video you want to be touting as good press on the News front page at The guy is blatantly calling the game bad. He's not even being shy about it.
Bear in mind in Casey's next breath he refers to Final Fantasy as a story of worry and woe; a broken and unfinished "sinking ship" players should leave while they canů despite having a loyal fanbase that will see the title through the end.

Under that context, again, I don't think a comparison of a "bullish" and "this is one to keep for the new year" STO to DS9 (as an example of 'rubbish') is really that scathing. As others have said, I took it more as a lighthearted jab at Star Trek fans.