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First up the Roddenberry inspired MMO, that lets you dawn a Red Shirt in Star Trek Online. Launched back in February, Start Trek came right out of the gate. Carrying expectations of a sizable and loyal fan base. Considering the property it's based on. There are few nerds in this world more loyal than Trekkers. STO allows each player the chance to Captain their own Ship. Molding space combat into the boots on the ground grind fest that we expected. But the big news with this property is how they started rolling out their content updates just one month after launch. Capitalizing on the television franchise. Cryptic released their updates as "Seasons". Giving each batch of new Content a consistent theme with their high level content, new factions and story lines. So what's the Verdict. Yes this is a Bullish game that will most likely have a strong foot hold on their fan base for quite some time. If there's one things DS9 taught us, It's Trekkers will consume and Defend anything Star Trek related no matter how bad it may be. Couple that with Cryptic is a seasoned MMO developer that has big plans for STO's future. So this is one to Keep for the New Year.
That's not that bad of a review. The "Positive-Negative-Positive" always gets focus on the Negative no matter how Positive the surrounding comments may be.