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12-18-2010, 02:45 PM
Originally Posted by Leviathan99
But they aren't taught to want to do it. Teaming is not a terribly organic part of gameplay until you run into that brick wall where you're expected to be good at it.

I'm not against challenging STFs but there needs to be some kind of precursor to get people in the mindset of organized grouping or people won't do it.

Besides, who even talks in a PuG at Lt. 7 if they do wind up in one?
I don't disagree with the idea that Cryptic needs to find ways to get people to team throughout the game. I simply disagree with the idea that it can be done at the end of the game. After 45+ levels of solo play a 15 minute PUG tutorial before attempting the hardest content in the game will accomplish nothing. People need to be taught the benefits of group play long before they get to an STF. There needs to be must-team objectives throughout the game to teach people the benefits of teaming. By the time they get to the STFs people are to hardened into the solo play mode.