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12-18-2010, 02:55 PM
Originally Posted by Cosmic_One View Post
I've had no problems with the game auto-teaming me in instances. It's up to me whether I wish to talk and establish relationships with those people once I'm auto-teamed with them.

An open world isn't going to make someone more social then they want to be and missions you can easily do by yourself aren't going to teach you how to do them as a team.
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Originally Posted by Rikx View Post
Which is why removing system instancing would be the better overall path. When you actually see someone else doing a mission you actually feel like teaming up to do it faster/easier/to help out. Not to mention the fact that this is one of the ways you make friends and join guilds in other MMOs
Yes STO has the auto team function, but that does not mean that you always get put in a team, or that you even talk to the person. You get auto put into a team. With the open world you have to msg the person and actually talk to them. And thats the first step in meeting people you actually want to play with and team up with, which can later lead to good STF teams.

Another helpful is adding LFG system, but that wont guarantee you join a group that is good. They still need to adjust STFs so that the current difficulty is the highest, and then you can try finding groups for a lower difficulty if you're doing it with random people that dont usually work together.