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Originally Posted by Grimm11
I've been testing missions over the past week - excellent work for the most part. The hard work really shows on many of these great missions!

I wanted to bring up a topic for discussion. I noticed when testing missions that many creators use the response box to fill in a detailed reply from the player's captain, often simulating both sides a conversation with the contact or bridge officer. I have found this to be problematic.

If I am playing my Vulcan captain, and the provided response is informal (using contractions, slang, or laid-back conversational speech), I find it very jarring and out-of-character. On the contrary, if I am playing my more cavalier, fly-by-the-seat-of-his-pants captain, the responses that sound too formal are also annoying.

I think this is why Cryptic uses the word "Continue" in all or nearly all of the single-response replies, and the branching dialog choices are very brief and to the point. The reason for this is it is impossible to predict what type of captain a player has created, or how they speak. Making the responses generic may be a bit lacking in flavor, but the alternative, at least for me, breaks the immersion.

Thoughts? Comments?
I can understand what some people feel if there is dialog in the buttons or in the actual dialog field itself. However, I am not going to limit my story because some people lack imagination to look past the limitation of the workbench. I have come up with some techniques for the player dialog.

Lately, I have been using my own narrator character as the player's own character dialog. Sometimes, I use the button for the dialog, if it makes some sense. However, sense is an individual experience. I feel the player will either get it or not. Some players are so rigid and inflexible, that they take anything you do as to literal. If they cannot conceive it in their minds, then they won't grasp the story.

I am coming to learn to, 'do what you think is best for your story'.

Remember, no one player is worth it. The goal is to have fun and create your story how you want to tell it. We are not paid writers on the foundry.