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12-18-2010, 08:32 PM
Getting a bit off topic with this forum. Few points about the STF's.
1- They are all the same difficulty. Regardles what level you set the difficulty to, the game does not go by this. You can play normal, advanced or elite and the STF will be exactly the same.
2- Your weapons have a range on them for a reason. You don't have to be sitting on top of a node to kill it. Get it from a distance.
3- You do not have to go guns blazing into the next room and hope to win. Realize their are groups of borg which react together but the others don't seem interested.
4- Observe your actions and the reactions in the game. Change your strategy when you notice something happens or doesn't.
5- Ask for help. There are some fleet members that will do a PUG with people just to see new recruits or for the fun of it. If not, PM me in game and we can run it.

I am not an expert on the STF's. I do know enough about infected that our fleet runs it in about 45 minutes. I took 4 PUG's out once, one of them had done it inside 3 hours before. They listened to me in the chat ( typing def takes more time then TS or Ventro) we finished it inside hour 10 minutes. Every single one of them was so happy to finish it and so fast. Once you learn the first time how to complete the missions, you can do it that way from there on out. Check for some videos posted by other fourm members and then just mimic their runs. You will be able to do the same yourself.