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Originally Posted by MavrykDH View Post
Here is the design me and a friend came up with:

I took design influences from the later ships (Intrepid/Sovereign/Nova/Prometheus) and blended them together while adding a few unique features. To me it follows the direction that the Producers/Starfleet Design Bureau were going with their ships, the triangular primary hull/saucer, sleek stream-lined secondary hull/ engineering hull with "neckless" design.

I also tried to give hints at the Enterprise J, with long sweeping pylons and a more streamlined nacelle, but with four classes between the F and J, I felt that I couldn't use it too much (look at the variance between A and D).

The rough size would be slightly larger than the star cruisers too, both for adding awe inspiring presence of the ship and to start its way onto the size of the Ent J (3000km :S ).
It's not a bad design, the only issues I have with it are that you've basically done a Intrepid with a triangular saucer and fixed warp pylons. From what I understand (and stated by Rick Sternbach as a technobabble explanation for the sleeker designs), the original concept for the warp field was a nearly spherical one, and newer developments in warp field theory mandate a elliptical field these days, with the saucer being elongated to better fill the volume of the new field shape. Supposedly, that's why the warp scale was reformulated - the elliptical field allowed closer approaches to the theoretical Warp 10 (the math of which is based on real relativitiy, by the way). Now, how this relates tot he Enterprise-J and it's very circular saucer is left to whoever can reconcile the two

Your saucer is a bit sharp-edged for that bit of technobabble to really be applicable - perhaps if you smoothed it a bit?

If you wanted to fit Sternbach's concept, you'd start with a ellipsis drawn on the paper, then fit your top view into that - then do the same with your side view. I like certain features of your design - it's the angularity (and the high amount of similarity to the Intrepid) that I personally have issues with. That's my opinion, anyway.

I haven't come up with any system or tactical statistics, as being in the game I think it would be restricted to what is available and should the class ever come a Fleet Admiral ship for players to use it would be limited for balance reasons. But visually there are eight forward beam arrays and two rear, with room for torpedo launchers, though itd depend on balance for that tier level.

I spent a lot of hours working on it, and I am no artist but I think it came out quite well for something done in Paint, and look forward to any comments you guys have (good or bad).
IMHO the decisions as to what weapons/stats/etc. should be left to the devs. After all, all designs in the contest are property of Cryptic, witht he "winner" getting paid with recognition in-game. Why use banks, anyway - banks (as in classic phaser "turrets", in pairs, located around the ship) stopped being implemented when the Federation figured out they could get the same effects from lots of smaller beam emitters arrayed into "strips" that wouldn't have the same coverage gaps that large turrets do...and in doing so made sure that no Federation ship could realistically be called a "dreadnought" (look it up to see why - it's not the reason most people think).

Either way, nice attempt - and TBH, I really don't think that length should be a consideration in the design of the ship. Size does not equal power, as anyone who watched DS9 knows (the Defiant is one of the smallest gunships of any of the Federation races - and look what both it and it's successor did during the Dominion War for your proof) - also remember the scale of such things. The Enterprise-J, at 3000m length (9842 feet, or 1.8 miles) is more of a ark than a usable starship in the conventional sense. Such ships would be built to evacuate planets...

Either way, IMHO any length below 1000M would be fine, as long as it's consistent with the ship's role. General-purpose cruisers would be bigger to handle multiple tasks efficiently, with a correspondingly bigger crew. Tactical ships would be smaller, with just the minimum necessary (the cramped nature of the Defiant exemplifies that) - ans Sci ships would sit int he middle. Being we're designing a Enterprise, you'd be bigger and more in the general-purpose slot, as no Enterprise in Starfleet has been a dedicated warship. In RL history, oh ya - ships named Enterprise have a long and proud history in both US and British navies - but not in Starfleet.

Just some thoguths for you - again, this is my opinion, take it for what it's worth