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12-19-2010, 12:06 AM
Originally Posted by DaveyNY View Post
It took me 21 tries over three weeks of play before I was lucky enough to get into a PUG that was finally able to finish Infected...

I tried The Cure four times and then said the hell with it.

I'm not a "Fleet" kinda player, so that option isn't available to me.

It finally dawned on my thick skull that the STF's just were not worth the bother for a mostly solo player (who BTW, has been playing the game almost daily, since March) and since the rewards to me, weren't all that great anyway, I didn't feel like I was missing out on anything.

Now, on-the-other-hand, they are about to put a reward into them that I find interesting and would probably like to have...

Sooo... I can understand the OP's point of view.

For those of you that ARE actually kinda-sorta acting like "Elitist-STF'ers", they may not be much of a challenge, but I'll bet my last bottom-dollar, that there are just as many of us "Not-So-Great" players that find the STF's impossible.

It does seem to me that for 98% of the game (not counting PvP which I also suck at and don't even try anymore) to be such, that I can do it alone and reap the rewards that Grouped players also can get...
...for the Dev's to suddenly put interesting rewards into a part of the game that someone like me will probably never have a shot at ..., Just Isn't Fair (and please take note...I an NOT a Lifer, I pay my $15 bucks a month, every month also).

I applaud all you folks that have finished all the available STF's and wish I could do the same.. . but I too, think there should be other ways for the rest of us to be able to obtain the new BORG Gear.
What "fair" means is that everyone has a shot a getting the item. It does not necessarily mean getting it through whatever means your preference is. There will most likely be a nice item set that is gained through PVP in the future. Since you've given up on PVP, will you call this unfair also? There may also possibly be an item set coming out for diplomacy. I can't really stand doing all those diplo missions, and the only ones I've done are the aid to planet in B'tran. But if the reward is nice enough, I guess I'll buck up and level up my diplo rank. OR, maybe It'll be just too painful, and I won't get the reward. But hey, that's the way it would be. Either I'll find a way to accomplish it, or I'll accept that I won't have the reward. I won't consider it "unfair", and demand that they allow me to earn it some other way.

I consider myself a casual gamer. The first time I successfully completed Infected, it took me over 4 hours with my fleet. We all thought it was the worst mission ever. But as more fleet members got to RA5 and wanted to do it, i started doing the mission more frequently. We improved our strategy and tactics. Now, we can complete it in about an hour, and I think it is actually fun. In fact, nowadays, the new people we take through it say it's fun as well. I really think that unique items obtainable only in unique ways really adds depth to the loot set, and I like the direction the devs are taking this.

And I think that is point of this thread. The way STO is set up in the early levels, there is no need to team up, and even with auto team, there is no need to work together as a team. So when people get to Infected, what horror or horrors result. The question here is whether it would help if there were team only missions earlier in the game, and would it help alleviate the shock when people get to Infected.