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12-18-2010, 11:35 PM
Originally Posted by DaveyNY View Post
It took me 21 tries over three weeks of play before I was lucky enough to get into a PUG that was finally able to finish Infected...

I tried The Cure four times and then said the hell with it.

I'm not a "Fleet" kinda player, so that option isn't available to me.

It finally dawned on my thick skull that the STF's just were not worth the bother for a mostly solo player (who BTW, has been playing the game almost daily, since March) and since the rewards to me, weren't all that great anyway, I didn't feel like I was missing out on anything.

Now, on-the-other-hand, they are about to put a reward into them that I find interesting and would probably like to have...

Sooo... I can understand the OP's point of view.

For those of you that ARE actually kinda-sorta acting like "Elitist-STF'ers", they may not be much of a challenge, but I'll bet my last bottom-dollar, that there are just as many of us "Not-So-Great" players that find the STF's impossible.

It does seem to me that for 98% of the game (not counting PvP which I also suck at and don't even try anymore) to be such, that I can do it alone and reap the rewards that Grouped players also can get...
...for the Dev's to suddenly put interesting rewards into a part of the game that someone like me will probably never have a shot at ..., Just Isn't Fair (and please take note...I an NOT a Lifer, I pay my $15 bucks a month, every month also).

I applaud all you folks that have finished all the available STF's and wish I could do the same.. . but I too, think there should be other ways for the rest of us to be able to obtain the new BORG Gear.

Look me up in game with matthew,wraith or chlobug @strykerv. Galdy run the missions with you to get a feel of how they are. We don't need to be great players to beat missions. Just learn how to play the mission itself. I wouldn't call us elite STF'ers, I have seen some other fleets claim much faster times for the STF's then we run. As for PvP, my fleet isn't great. We are learning by trial and error and going on there and getting our tails handed to us. What about a "Fleet" are you reluctant about? I was in a fleet for two months and never knew I was. Then I found some guys I liked to play with and learned a whole lot more about the game. We don't make you do anything you don't want. You can come on for casual gaming and chat with us if you'd like and if a team gets ready for a STF you can join. We are not a role playing fleet is what I mean.

As for the borg sets, you can still craft the Aegis set if you want just like everyone else. I quote from a fleet mate "so... you want to put the sign that says "I completed the STFs" on your ship, but you don't want to do the STFs to get it?...does not compute. If you really want the borg set then you'll do what it takes to beat an STF.

This just popped in my head but you have done an STF the entire game. Everytime you take your away team down to a ground mission, is in essence a STF. The difference is 4 computer Bridge Officers vs 4 human players. If you have a sci BO you take to the ground, ever notice them give you medical tricorder 1? They are healing you, as if their role to help keep their team alive. Same concept draws to having 5 human players, each person should have a role. Sci are great at healing, eng have abilites like force field dome to keep enemies away and tac are good at raw dps. Some STF's don't require all skills to be there. Infected can be done with any combo including 5 tac's. Cure and KA will need a good sci captain though.