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12-19-2010, 12:55 AM
I just tried doing the Erikson mission on my alt...

I destroyed all patrol ships and disabled the two freighters outside the shield, got their stuff and they left.

While I was destroying the power generators I failed the optional part of the mission.

I disabled the two freighters in the shield once it was disabled and got their stuff, and got 4/4 failed on the optional objective...

I'm not sure if there were more than two freighters outside the shield when the mission began, because my screen was filled with so much text I had difficulty seeing what was what.

The optional objective should only fail if all freighters make it out alive without being pillaged. Yes, this would make this objective easier to achieve, but considering the other missions just make you jam communications...

EDIT: just did the transport mission. Again, the optional objective should only fail if it can no longer be achieved. I failed this one as soon as the first freighter (which I did pillage) warped out.