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12-19-2010, 12:45 AM
Originally Posted by DaveyNY View Post
I thank you all for the offers to complete the STF's...
I will try to look you up when I get my current toon up to RA.

I really enjoy leveling/grinding my way up through the ranks, this is my 6th time doing it. (Not counting my
I've retired my previous Fed. toons at RA and dumped thier unbound stuff into my mail account for future use when I think I might need it. So it will be awhile before I'm ready to try and tackle the STF's again.

My point is that for the Dev's to now put Extra-Special rewards into a part of the game that most players have a very slim chance of getting, after making Almost All other rewards available to "Everyone" through the regular aspects of game play and/or purchase, was Unfair...

I was not expressing a desire to have an "I Completed the STF's Sign" just given to me...
(and just a reminder, gaining these Special Rewards through the STF's Alone... WILL create an atmosphere of Elitism among those who are able to obtain them and those who are not.)

I am expressing a desire to have another "Solo Avenue" (and not necessairly an easier one) within the game to obtain said Special Rewards.

Perhaps every time a player destroys 500 or 1000 or 5000 BORG Ships one piece of the set could be the reward.

I don't ever want Rewards to just be handed to me.., but I do desire there be a way to be able to obtain said Rewards through my particular game abilities.

The game is ever changing. The Dev's are going around and adding new content all over the game. The borg set is based on the STF's because that is where you mostly fight the borg. The Aegis set coming soon is in the crafting aspect of the game. The game is not in its final form so expect things to change and more unique rewards to pop up in different parts of the game. I myself will get the borg set but I doubt I will have it showing on my ship as a token. I like your suggestion for putting a reward for a certain number of kills, I just wonder if the Dev's could do it that way or enough support to ask them too. But yes, look me up in game and I'll even run lower level missions too. We have a night each week we help level each others lower toons.