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12-19-2010, 04:45 AM
Originally Posted by bigduckie
Check out my fleet. we will happily run through it with you quite quickly. I ran it with a new guy i mean less than a month old and it was one of the fastest runs ever actually if i recall correctly it was with 2 people who never did it before.
just join up with people who know some inkling of what to do. a group of people who dont know what to do still dont know what to do.

heck im online right now we can chat pop an app and ill make sure to personally take care of it.
Originally Posted by StrykerV
Look me up in game with matthew,wraith or chlobug @strykerv. Galdy run the missions with you to get a feel of how they are. We don't need to be great players to beat missions. Just learn how to play the mission itself. I wouldn't call us elite STF'ers, I have seen some other fleets claim much faster times for the STF's then we run. As for PvP, my fleet isn't great. We are learning by trial and error and going on there and getting our tails handed to us. What about a "Fleet" are you reluctant about? I was in a fleet for two months and never knew I was. Then I found some guys I liked to play with and learned a whole lot more about the game. We don't make you do anything you don't want. You can come on for casual gaming and chat with us if you'd like and if a team gets ready for a STF you can join. We are not a role playing fleet is what I mean.

As for the borg sets, you can still craft the Aegis set if you want just like everyone else. I quote from a fleet mate "so... you want to put the sign that says "I completed the STFs" on your ship, but you don't want to do the STFs to get it?...does not compute. If you really want the borg set then you'll do what it takes to beat an STF.

This just popped in my head but you have done an STF the entire game. Everytime you take your away team down to a ground mission, is in essence a STF. The difference is 4 computer Bridge Officers vs 4 human players. If you have a sci BO you take to the ground, ever notice them give you medical tricorder 1? They are healing you, as if their role to help keep their team alive. Same concept draws to having 5 human players, each person should have a role. Sci are great at healing, eng have abilites like force field dome to keep enemies away and tac are good at raw dps. Some STF's don't require all skills to be there. Infected can be done with any combo including 5 tac's. Cure and KA will need a good sci captain though.
Both of these are generous and reasonable offers, anyone who did not give them consideration is bull headed at best. i would consider them but my play time is early morning, PST), which leaves me with few people to team up with.

While I have yet to finish a STF, I do not think think they are impossible. On one occasion I was teamed with a group of four all the way through and had the Borg Queen out of the box multiple times, (we even figured out how to get past the plasma vent at the door the of queen's chamber), before reality took two of our players away. All said not bad for a literal PUG.

I am certain that if it were not for the misfortune of being a graveyard worker, (I work nights), I would have most of the STFs under my belt by now. With resources like Sanctuary of Wanderhome's Hitch Hikers Guides there is no real reason that STFs cannot be PUGed, if you call out in zone for what you need like shield buffing engineers and medics before you enter the STF.

I really should find a nice Brit fleet willing to deal with an odd ball Yank. My play time would would probably match up with theirs better.

Originally Posted by Thlaylie View Post
Again maybe I don't speak so well, but wasn't the referral program "fair" and everyone had a shot a getting the item if they did the work?

Yet public outcry got the Galaxy X nerfed.

I don't see the difference between the 2 programs and I expect more well spoken outcries to come. Both required social connections. I found the referral easier because I didn't have to find 5 people in the same timezone and relied on relatives.

I also understand the outcry as I barely found 5 people. Why can't anyone understand the casual gamer outcry at STF exclusive content? (Didn't they also say something about NO exclusive content when the backlash from the Galaxy X struck?)

Again I will try to learn and play these missions, I just wish there was more fun and less work to this game.
Way I see it you have five real life friends/acquaintances to chose from when it comes to building a team for a STF. So you are right there is no real difference, Thlaylie.