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12-19-2010, 04:50 AM
Originally Posted by piwright42 View Post
Both of these are generous and reasonable offers, anyone who did not give them consideration is bull headed at best. i would consider them but my play time is early morning, PST), which leaves me with few people to team up with.

While I have yet to finish a STF, I do not think think they are impossible. On one occasion I was teamed with a group of four all the way through and had the Borg Queen out of the box multiple times, (we even figured out how to get past the plasma vent at the door the of queen's chamber), before reality took two of our players away. All said not bad for a literal PUG.

I am certain that if it were not for the misfortune of being a graveyard worker, (I work nights), I would have most of the STFs under my belt by now. With resources like Sanctuary of Wanderhome's Hitch Hikers Guides there is no real reason that STFs cannot be PUGed, if you call out in zone for what you need like shield buffing engineers and medics before you enter the STF.

I really should find a nice Brit fleet willing to deal with an odd ball Yank. My play time would would probably match up with theirs better.

Way I see it you have five real life friends/acquaintances to chose from when it comes to building a team for a STF. So you are right there is no real difference, Thlaylie.

What time do you play? I am on nights this week and your only 3 hours behind. We do have a dozen or more people in your time zone and a big chunk in brit area. I plan to play here when I get off work for a little bit.