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12-19-2010, 03:51 AM
Originally Posted by Thlaylie View Post
The only problem with the fleet missions is they are now going to be offering EXCLUSIVE CONTENT only acheivable if you have a social gaming group.

This is BAD as some of us can not get this gear. I PUG'd Infected the other day for 6 hours and we ended up with only 3 people. Could you possibly put more Borg in that? maybe a Cube or 2 in the space station to make sure no one has a chance?

If cryptic suppors exclusive STF gear then they need to reissue an exclusive upgraded to tier 6 Uber Galaxy to those of us who earned them through the referral program as the excuse for nerfing that was "no one should have access to exclusive content someone else can't earn" or some drek like that.

Make the STF's scalable to the number of players in the mission at the time. If someone bolts, cut the mobs back to compensate. Currently they are way too hard anyway.
Consider: The more mechanics added to a mission (like scaling enemies or whatever) is more stuff that can bug up.

That said, I have no problem with content that *requires* you to consider your group and tactics.. Ill miss out on a lot (or spend countless hours trying), but if not these missions as content for fleets that prefer a challenge, what then?

There need to be content both for the casual players (like you and me) and for the dedicated ones..