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12-19-2010, 04:46 AM
The Fleet Actions and the Patrol missions seem to be the closest we have currently as a precusors to the STFs.

Maybe the new Klingon Sorties go even further in that direction, with optional goals that require you to team up (but do they really, or are they easy enough? I don't think I have played the current incarnation yet).

Fleet Actions do not actually require teaming, and teamwork is not necessarily benefitial for a players chance to get first place. If you're a Cruiser Captain keeping an Escort alive, chances are good he gets the higher score. That's incredibly lame and unconductive. That's something that needs to be changed outright.

Patrols just scale with the number of players. They don't have any special content that you can only succeed at if there are multiple players.
Maybe that is another angle to adress? Supposedly, Cryptic is going back to some old missions and make them replayable with the opposition scaling to the player's level, and some "mysterious" special perk that's not more closely described yet.

That might be something to do. In every mission, add optional objectives that you can only achieve by teaming up - not just because you are superior firepower, but because you literally need to send players to different locations and coordinate their actions. For example, one player has to disable a force field that will re-activate before he can get through it - but a second player could lie in wait and go through thje field when it's deactivated. Or you just have to split up to stop an enemy group killing your allies. Or you just get an extra reward if you need only 1 minute to interact with 5 objects spread across the map.

Completing these optional goals could give special equipment, or might just advance the tracker for additional Badges/Marks/Emblems. If the content is repeteable, it might give consumables (which will always motivate you to go back and stock up again.)

These optional objectives would be fairy simple - just one or two such goals per mission. (Maybe 1 that requires just two players, and another that might work better with 3-5 players.) These missions are needed at every tier, of course.