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12-19-2010, 07:11 AM
It's quite simple. Those who wanted to play a Star Trek MMO rolled Feds and never looked back. Those who just want to PVP in any game on the market rolled Klingons and are somehow surprised that the Federation is off playing the Star Trek game that they wanted to play.

The programmers all-but ruled out the need for any sort of cohesive team play by insisting that AI team mates be a staple of the game. Those Fed players who are old enough to remember Star Trek TOS in it's original TV outing have, for the most part, probably never played an MMO before, and they think the way STO works is the MMO standard.

MMOs are a new medium to these people, a medium they're only interested in now because this one is Star Trek-related. They have no concept of teaming up with groups of players to achieve victory, either in PVE or PVP, so they don't.

These are Star Trek fans, not MMORPG fans, and they're happy to be off doing their own thing with their AI away team and scalable encounter difficulty. Leave them to it. You'll never change their outlook on the game.