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12-19-2010, 08:05 AM
Originally Posted by Droc-loinia
This is all very interesting. I wondered what had happend to them as I was sure they hadnt been discarded or anything. Literally though, last night, I also decided to do the replay and I equiped the cryo grenade to one of my engineering crew and then done a few more missions. Later on, I went to equip a CRM200 to the same character... guess what? No bleeden cryo grenades! Before anyone insults myintelligence and suggests a ridiculous comment like "have you checked your other crew" or "Have you checked the bank" - yes I have checked and yes I have checked, thanks.

They've gone within 24 hours and I havent done that mission for nothing. I've done that mission for the reward (strangely enough). I have a feeling that (like every issue ive ever reported within STO forums) I get absolutely nothing. Sorry but I'd like to be proven wrong. Not one of my questions have ever been responded to and I'm getting fed up. I'm only Human in real lfe believe it or not
Not sure if i understand your problem , but if you have any grenades left over you wont be able to claim the prize of them yet , but the reward should still be showing in your in progress section, that is where mine are till i use the ones i got, soon as i use them then i will claim the rewards for the mission and restock them then so in a way you could have access to as many as 40 of them