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12-19-2010, 10:47 AM
Originally Posted by Cruis.In View Post
for me, ill be using the rating system like this:

enjoyable/worth playing : 5
not worth: 1

because if you have a good mission and you give it a three, people are more likely to bypass missions with a three rating, even though you enjoyed to me if I think a mission should be played by others, I want to give it a 5, so the others know yeah, this mission was enjoyable, of course it still is my opinion whether the mission is good or not , but when they are looking at the number of people who gave it which number, it'll say to them that " in the opinion of X number of people this mission is 5"

I mean every mission can't be a what lies beneath or night of the comet so, if we rate comparing to those, then nothing else would really get played because people would see 2-3 ratings as mediocre and not worth trying.
I just go by what it says in the rating window:
5= like (excellent, would recommend, perfection in every detail)
1= don't like (rubbish, wouldn't recommend)

So extrapolating in between:
4= good (may replay it again)
3= average (good but probably wouldn't play it again)
2= poor but OK (Needs an overhaul before even considering playing it)

And that's how I score and rate missions. If it needs improving, then I leave a critique and come back to review it again if it gets better.