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12-19-2010, 11:29 AM
Originally Posted by Jesse3581 View Post
I never realized the amazing power of the engines you get from "Past Imperfect"! This is a great find and I'm wondering if there are other items, things that the community (mostly) agrees is far superior to something else.
The Efficient Engines are one of the best, and most unique, things in the game. There's new Crafting sets coming out: AEGIS being the first set coming out any day now, with more on the horizon. There's not a lot of really great in-game special items like those engines, though.

My away team set up is 2 science (1 exploit, 1 healer), 1 security and 1 engineer. I often find myself wondering why I have each equipped with different weapons when the sniper rifle seems to be the fastest way to kill bad guys.
I use the same set-up you do. I give my Engineer and 1 Science officer an Expose weapon. The rest use Exploit weapons. All the Exploits tend to give me a lot of vaporize chances. My captain usually carries one split-beam and one sniper rifle.