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12-19-2010, 02:59 PM
I don't think there can really be a better review system. A better categorization/tagging system might be possible. But you have to keep your expectations realistic on what players will be willing to do to review a mission. A comment and a number of stars seems realistic, but what else?

I also think that the ratio of content producers and content consumers on Tribble is different then on Holodeck. I would guess that a notable majority of players active on Tribble right now are producers and so spend a lot of time creating their stuff. I personally do exactly that, and I don't have much time for other people's content now, and I wouldn't be surprised if other people on Tribble have the same issue. But I also think a majority of people that will produce content is already on Tribble, but only a minority of people overall are even on Tribble to check out the Foundry-generated content.